Social Networking: Positive or Negative?

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Social Networking: Positive or Negative? Social networking has many opinions pointing toward it. Some may say that it is a positive influence, while others think negatively. There are many directions to look at it. From my perspective, I believe social networks have only grown to cause many issues. When reading something rather than hearing it said aloud, problems arise because you can 't tell the tone of something said. Also, other issues deal with the fact that people can find out every detail of your daily life. There is very little privacy online, and you never known what you could be dealing with. It can become addictive, and a waste of time, causing issues with peoples work ethic. These are only a few of the numerous issues;…show more content… states that 13 million people that use Facebook had no idea about the privacy policy, and never used it. 28% of them shared that nearly all of their posts are public. "Feds Snoop on Social-network Accounts Without Warrants," states that the 2009 IRS teaches their agents manually how to look through Facebook pages for information that could possibly "assist in resolving a taxpayer case." Therefore, nothing you do on social networking sites is private. Not only does it give the government easier access to watch your every move, but it gives every other person in the universe access to watch you as well. There are many complaints about how the numbers of stolen children, and deaths has gone up. At the same time, the rates of social networks has been increasing as well. I truly believe that if the number of networks would go down, then so would the death rate. Social networking does have some positive benefits, such as spreading news world wide in an easier manner, and communicating business facts worldwide. However, these networks cause many more negative issues than positive. Such as useless arguments arising because you cannot hear other peoples tone when they speak to you. Also, the fact that being online all the time causes peoples work ethic to decrease, and make Americans even more lazy. Finally, it causes the biggest issue of all which is an invasion of privacy. It makes it a lot easier
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