Social Networking Sites Among People

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Continuance intention of Facebook among people related to different aspects of user psychology. People with high self-esteem use Facebook for number of hours to enhance their social life. People who are narcissist by nature are prone to get addicted easily to social networking sites. People who are extravert spend more time on Facebook to enhance their social life. 2.0 Introduction Social networking sites help diversity of people of different culture to communicate with each other. In this era we have got many social networking sites, but amongst them the most opted site by the people is Facebook. The main aim of this study is to learn contradictory effects of these social networking sites among people. The publication by Madden M, 2007, states that among all age groups teenagers comprise the majority of Facebook users. Investigation states that majority of the people use Facebook to stay in contact with old friends or make new ones. Spending too much time on these networking sites for multiple purpose, such as declare status, upload pictures, share thoughts, etc. leads to addiction. The massive growth in use of these sites has generated concern among some parents, educational officials, and political leaders with the potential risks posed on young people in the time when personal information is made available at such public platform. 3.0 Discussion Addiction towards social networking sites has been noticed at a larger level among individual, major attention is
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