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Social networking sites (SNSs) are defined as “tools young people use to get in touch with peers sharing the same interests while facilitating opinion exchange and information sharing” [1]. Attributed to the convenience these SNSs brought to us, they play significant roles in our daily lives. They become the major channels for people to have contact with each other [2]. Gone were the days when people made connections with others mostly through phone calls or letters. Generally, users communicate, organize people and spread messages in these platforms [3]. With the appearance of Myspace in 2003, SNSs are acquiring popularity having Facebook being the most common used site nowadays [4]. Noticing the growing trend of these sites, it is…show more content…
Not only does a rising number of offline civic events are promoted through SNSs, most of them are organized by utilizing special features of SNS [10]. With the significant influence of SNSs, messages can be spread around the globe in a short time. Propaganda can be conducted more effective than in other media. For instance, the website has been designed mainly for civic engagement [11]. It is a place offering people of different countries sharing similar interests about global issues to assemble together and acquire related knowledge. Aided by SNSs, offline events can be arranged and prepared productively. Another example is that in 2006, a large-scale protest was organized by some U.S. students for the immigration reform through SNSs [12]. Thus, SNS users are motivated not only to discuss civic affairs online, but also to act offline to fulfil civic responsibility. According to Basiratmand [13], the engagement of civic activities is contributed to the all-round development of individuals. By participating in civic events, youngsters can be exposed to various views and people with different cultural backgrounds and values. As a result, their personal qualities such as leadership skills and creativity can be improved in the process. Teenagers can thus be benefited with more positive personalities and broader horizons by SNSs. Unfortunately, many would argue that the use of SNS may have negative influence on the academic performance of

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