Social Networking Sites For College Students Essay

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Introduction Raacke, J. & Bonds-Raacke, J. (2008) says in order to interact with others such as family and friends in the past few years Social Networking Sites have emerged. DeAndrea, Ellison, LaRose, Steinfield & Fiore (2012) states that Social Networking Sites has a defining feature of decreasing the barriers to interact with each other by enabling online communications. Pempek, Yemolayeva & Calvert (2009) states that Social Networking Sites create innovative ways to send pictures, photos, messages online to the private and public. The most popular Social Networking Sites used now days among college students are Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and My Space. Due to its heavy usage Facebook among the several other Social Networking Sites is considered as rich site for researchers who are interested to research Social Networking Sites. Facebook (2009) states that Facebook which was initially created for college students attracted 150 million users with more than half of them outside college. Saba Mehmood and Tarang Taswir (2013) states social networking sites have increased the ability of integrating learning with an online environment. Apart from using Social Networking Sites for chatting, blogging it is now being used in different ways like forming communities. Universal McCann survey (cited in Laudon & Traver, 2011) states that over 70% of people visited their friends profile and 60% were between the age of sixteen and fifty four years old. The countries which have more
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