Social Networking Sites Have Brought More Problems Than Benefits to Society.

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Social networking sites are a new revolution that deserves our attention, as we ourselves are part of this revolution. Social networking is an umbrella term that refers to the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and construction of words, pictures, audio and videos. Simply put, social networking is about the million of conversations that take place all over the world on social networking sites, which includes Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, online forums, etc. Proponents of online communities insist that they facilitate communication and connection globally, serves as a new business arena, and brings together people of common interests and allows them to air their views with no restrictions. Opponents of social…show more content…
Teens using these sites may not be aware that the information they post is public and that photos and text can be retrieved even after deletion. Coupled with the fact that social networking sites have no way to verify that people are who they claim to be, leaves people, especially children, vulnerable to solicitations from online predators who are able to mask their true identities. In Feb. 2009, MySpace identified 90,000 registered sex offenders with profiles on the site, while Facebook declined to reveal how many were present on its site. Even if the sites agree to remove sex offenders, they cannot identify all of them or stop them from creating new accounts. Thus, social networking sites may lead to potential over-sharing of personal information and leaves people vulnerable to online predators.
Economically, excessive usage of networking sites leads to loss of revenue. A 2007 study found that workers using Facebook in the office were costing Australian businesses up to $4.5 billion (US) per year. A Feb. 2009 report stated that social networking sites were costing UK businesses an estimated $12.5 billion (US) annually. Numbers for lost revenue from lower worker productivity when employees use social networking sites in the US are not available, but one study found that two-thirds of US workers with Facebook accounts access that site during work hours. Thus, usage of social networking sites during office hours

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