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Social networks such as Facebook and MySpace are known to connect people with long lost friends and family. It has also been known to connect people with similar interest together. The knowledge of social networking makes it easier for companies as a whole to benefit from the advantages of social networking. Businesses are starting to use business social networks such as LinkedIn and Ryze to acquire potential clients and other businesses with the same interest. Business social networks can be very beneficial to a company, by helping potential clients decide whether they are interested in the company’s services and assist employees on need to know information on the company without a delay. The advantages include but are not limited to, …show more content…
According to Computer Weekly, “Knowledge is the life-blood of all businesses, and is arguably one of the few business assets that will not depreciate during a recession” (“Opinion and Letters” 6). A client is more probable to buy a product from a salesman that can answer most of the client’s questions concerning the product. An employee can lose potential clients by not understanding the product or the services provided by the company. Social networks can keep employees from giving false or old information to a client or potential client. Social networks can be used to conduct human resource task for employees also. Employees will be assessable to old pay check stubs and W2 information through a simple search. Employees will also be able to send information quickly and safely to a direct department. Social networks are the best way to find and create new contacts. Businesses hire a staff of telemarketers to acquire potential clients. Telemarketing can turn a potential client to a non-client. Most people do not what to be bothered with telemarketers and most times do not listen to anything a telemarketer has to say. Social networks are a better option to networking for businesses. It allows potential clients to come to the companies that interest them. Marshall Lager states in his article “Social Networking: Getting in Touch the CRM Way”, “A social network allows you to easily search your

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