Social Networking and Effects on Society

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Social Networking and Effects on Society
Wouldn’t you say that online social networking has changed the way society interacts with friends, family and perfect strangers. When someone exposes themselves to these sites, they open the door to allow these people into their lives. Some of them you would have passed on the street and not even thought of befriending. These people you have chosen to interact with, whether they are in your city, another state, another country or just someone you met online have now become a part of your circle. This form of communication will eventually turn their social interaction into non-existence. Social networking has a negative effect on society impacting physical interaction with people.
The first way
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You don’t have to provide any personal information about yourself and individuals are able to lead a double life. Based upon information that was obtained from an article written by Arnold Brown, he stated, “More and more people regard the virtual world as a place where they can establish and maintain safer, less demanding relationships on their own time. Ease, flexibility, and relative anonymity will continue to be three key components of online social networking and dating (Brown, 2011, p. 30)”. Online social network sites are more convenient for those that prefer to stay home than to frequent outside establishments. For some it will allow them to remain anonymous and can carry on an online relationship with less stress of dating.
The third way social networking has a negative effect on society impacting physical interaction with people is it can slowly break down someone’s self-esteem. This should be one of society’s major concerns for the future of our children and young adults. John A. Bargh and Katelyn Y.A. McKenna wrote in an Yale University article, “Several scholars have contended that internet communication is an impoverished and sterile form of social exchange compared to traditional face-to-face interactions, and will therefore, produce negative outcomes (loneliness and depression) for its users as well as weaken neighborhood and community ties (Bargh & McKenna, 2004).” This tells me that internet communication
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