Social Networking and Pinterest Essay

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Pinterest is a website that allows a person to “pin” picture items online. Instead of emailing it to their selves, bookmarking, or printing the selected item they desire for their own personal ideas, the person could pin them on this website after creating an account where it can be easily saved and accessed. It allows people to pin such as recipes, pictures, crafts, home items or clothing that is much loved. It also allows a person to create their own ideas and pin them to their own pinterest board where friends or other people can view them and repin them to their own board for inspiration. Pinterest has become very popular for start up businesses to promote their ideas to create a bigger clientele nationwide. Also allow businesses to…show more content…
The website has been also used by instructors in education to create a lesson plan to help students use their creative thinking in projects. Pinterest has made significances in southern cuisine, soul food, Latin favor, dessert, snack bar, and many other cultural food, as well as cultural musician, museums, art galleries, events, education, entertainment, history, medicine, and many other differences around the world. Even though facebook and twitter website have the highest traffic flow, people view pinterest as a website with the higher value of information. Just as their competitors Facebook and Twitter, pinterest has a high access to public interaction through friends, family member, and other groups shared ideas and creativity. The site has reinforced people to view upon cultural differences for society to instantly gratify other points of view and cultural recognition. Pinterest as well as other social networking sites show people how to market directly, share, and socialized. It has developed a positive outcome towards our future using technology. It also important to thoroughly read and understand the terms of services in which each website contain before signing up and creating an account with any social network for safety purposes. One of demands of pinterest term of service which I highly agreed with was the copyright content allowing the holders to remove their images as well as not
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