Social Networking for Jean's Specialty Shoppe: Benefits and Drawbacks

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Social Networking for Jean's Specialty Shoppe: The evolution of online communication methods and development of social networks has transformed the operations and communications of many businesses. As the various social networking sites have continued to attract millions of users, social networking provides numerous benefits to businesses. Griffith (2011) states that users of social media are totally at ease to develop communities with common interests that help them to stay up-to-date through access to necessary information. Therefore, many companies and businesses have started to tap into social-media smarts to transform their advertising and communication strategies. What would Social Networking Sites do for the Specialty Shop? The use of the company's website and local advertising basically provides an online platform with which customers can order their products without having to visit the stores. However, unlike these aspects, social networking would provide numerous advantages to the Specialty Shop including establishment of meaningful connections and deepening relationships with customers through various networking tools. Why might Jean's Specialty Shop use Social Networking? The company might decide to use social networking to increase boost customer base, sales and productivity through the creation of a virtual community where all its stakeholders interact easily regardless of the distance between them (Settle-Murphy, 2012). The use of social networking will

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