Social Networking in Business

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Abstract Businesses today are growing more aware of trends in social and business networking to assist them in growing, developing products, services and the advertising to draw consumers to them in ever increasing numbers. Social Networking in Business Many businesses are using social networking to see what consumers are saying about products and what will likely be purchased by people. Companies such as Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Sears are using networking sites. Someone can become a fan of Papa John’s on or follow them on and receive discounts on pizza. Pizza Hut has a blog on Twitter for people to make comments and access codes for discounts; there is also a link for the Pizza Hut main site.…show more content…
Many of the entrepreneurs on the sites help each other find tools for advertising, marketing lists and items to help the business succeed. Even at times there is emotional support when a business owner is having problems in their personal life. Others connected with try to help each other cope. Support is very important when just starting a business and even if someone has been in business a long time. Sometimes having discussions between other business owners helps in getting past a difficult time whether related to business or personal difficulties. Social networking is important to me for my future business because it will help in establishing a concrete presence for my company. Starting and maintaining a professional blog on Twitter or other places such as that will help to get the company name out there for people to see. Potential customers will understand what my business encompasses; also types of services or products readily available to them before and after a purchase. It would help me when dealing with shippers and suppliers in running my business efficiently. In the scheme of things, I want to let people know what I believe in and how the company will work with them on any interactions with them. References Brynko, Barbara. (2009/05), Filtrbox: Tracking Real Time Market News, Information Today, Issue 5,
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