Social Networking in Modern Life

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Social Networking in Modern Life Many inventions have come up due to the rapid changing of technology. Social networking is the greatest invention of technology in general and the Internet in particular that has created a new aspect of modern life. Among these social networks, Facebook is the most popular with millions of users all over the world. As these social networking sites become more integrated, they can be not only a positive force but also a negative one in human life. While social networking offers some advantages for some people, others believe that there are more dangers than benefits which they can get from these visual societies. As a Facebook user, the first advantage of social networking sites I can tell is…show more content…
The only thing they have to do is how to link their page to their customers ' personal page. The more people know about your products, the higher in sales you will have. Moreover, companies can receive feedbacks from their customers about their products easily and instantly. Therefore, they can give a better service to their clients. There are more and more companies using social network sites for their brand exposure .As an example, you can easily search for many well-known brand names on Facebook from many sectors such as Toyota, McDonald, and Apple. Social networking sites have become a great tool to promote their business. Despite the huge advantage of social networking, there are some dangers that users can get. The risk of identity thief and fraud is the most obvious disadvantage of social networking. People can use the information from your personal profile on these networks to scam or even harass you. Scammers have many ways to gain control of users ' account. They can send you a link that contains spyware software. They can also send you a request to confirm your username and password to join a sweepstake which usually has dream prizes. Once they 're fully gained access to your account, these scammers will use your identity to scam or harass people you know. In any case, users have to take responsibility for their own safety. The explosion of social networking sites has slightly changed human habit. People tend
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