Social Networking in the Business World Essay

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Business professionals today face challenges that just did not exist centuries ago. In a world of tough competition and ever-changing trends, to be successful and effective in business, you must constantly strive to stay one step ahead of your competitors, and be on the lookout for new ways to get noticed. Social networking has emerged as one of the latest trends in business today, and utilizing the social media for sales, marketing, and recruiting can drive your business and help it flourish. Online social networks are becoming critical business tools, and with this technology at your fingertips, you must take advantage of the opportunity, and let the social media take some of the guesswork out of your business strategies.
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As reported by Shih (2010), in The Facebook Era, “more than 750 million people around the world are on social networking sites,” where they seemingly spend more than 20 billion minutes a day. With so many people spending time on social networking sites, it only seems logical that these sites might be used as a stage for marketing, sales, employment prospects, and making business contacts, just to name a few possibilities.

With so many choices for social networking platforms, it is important to know what the social web is all about, what different sites are out there and how they differ from one another. Chief among the popular social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Each of these sites is utilized for different reasons, and to best use them to your advantage in business, you should be aware of the differences. Facebook, according to Shih (2010) and many of her sources, “is the largest social networking site globally by an order of magnitude,” and “recently even beat out Google in becoming the most trafficked site on the Internet.” With that said, it should be obvious that there is tremendous business potential for marketing, advertisement, and sales on sites such as Facebook. Besides Facebook, LinkedIn is also a very popular site; “used by more than 95% of
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