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Running head: Social Networking Sites, And Articles Social Networking Sites, And Articles Danielle Bachman INF 103 Computer Literacy Instructor: David Conway 3-14-2014 Abstract Social networks is a social networking services that are online services, platforms or sites that focus on reading, writing, voicing your ideas and share them with the world wide web two point zero Creating blogs, post, and the latest news and articles. What is digital literacy, are we safe or not? Online social networks have made it to where we grieve and memorialize our family and friends of lost loved ones, The ethical issues of who has that control of digits after life. Think of the world wide web as a giant library and database that we all have…show more content…
Bachai & Wolfson, (2013) write It 's a weird new world, where an afterlife is eternal and in the present. But since everything else happens on Facebook, why wouldn 't it be the place where people go to mourn? The old days, it was easy to ne isolated and not share with others, But now, with Twitter, Facebook and Google always at hand, it 's nearly impossible to isolate yourself. Ways to communicate and share with the world “Twitter streams are the new eulogy; Facebook profiles are the memorial sites”. "People want to feel like they are part of something," Tamara McClintock Greenberg, a professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, told Newsweek. "Facebook allows people to find their network of people who are going to be really supportive." . Adults who have experienced loss may see teens taking photos of themselves on their way to a funeral and tagging them #sadday and think, Disrespectful twits! But what teen knows how to deal with death? It 's not such a stretch to imagine that this was the best way they knew to reach out and share with their friends. (Although it might be a little harder to cut President Barack Obama the same slack.) Facebook allows people to find their network of people who are going to be really supportive. Some of the ethical isses and dangers Facebook began memorializing users who had died, deactivating their profiles and
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