Social Networks : A Network Of Individuals

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Social networks Old and New Merriam-Webster describes social networks as “a network of individuals (such as friends, acquaintances, and coworkers) connected by interpersonal relationships” (Social Network 1) There are many people these days who, when they hear social networks they think of the Internet but there are many different types of social networks that were around before the Internet was even invented. Social network existed long before the internet and there are several similarities as well as differences between social networks before and after the Internet. Two examples of social networks before the internet are the telegraph and the newspaper. The telegraph allowed for people to communicate from thousands of miles away from each other. Although it was not as advanced as other machines now it was still a network of individuals speaking to another network of individual simply to keep in touch. Much like modern day social networks people using the telegraph came up with their own language almost allowing for them to communicate easier. For example, in order to save money some people would end a telegraph with stop instead of a period and everyone knew what it meant. Telegraphs lasted for a long time as they were so effective, but eventually when the telephone became more accessible many people turned to that instead of telegraphs simply because they wanted to hear the other person’s voice. Another example of a social network before the internet is the newspaper.
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