Social Networks And Online Shopping

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Social networks and online shopping have become a huge part of everyday life within the last few years. Social networks are a great way to stay connected to friends and family. Online shopping is convenient and fast. However, it necessary to monitor how much personal information one displays or releases on the internet. If too much information is exposed, the risk of being a victim of online crime is raised. A person could become the victim of stalking, hacking, or online scams (Social Networks, 2015). There are many ways to stay protected online. Some basic ways to stay safe start with the settings and software on the device being used (Online Shopping, 2015). I personally grew up using computers. From a young age, I was taught internet safety. Social networks and online shopping was not as popular when I was younger but there were and still are many ways people can get your information. Not all people however, were educated on the potential risk of online crime. Online hackers and scammers can get personal information from anywhere it is entered. This includes social media pages, emails, and online shopping. It is important to make sure the website being used is secure. I often frequent Facebook, Instagram, check my email, and shop online. Although my profiles are set to private, I know that my information can still be found in other ways. I also never post where I am online while I am in that location. There are many simple yet effective ways to stay safe online. The
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