Social Networks And The Field Of Social Network Essay

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Nowadays, information can easily be accessed through multiple channels such as search engines, emails, and social networks. The rapid innovations innovations in technology contributes to the increasing social network usage, wherein users can now access them through their mobile devices (Yakushev & Mityagin, 2014). A report shows that a Filipinos averagely use social networking services for 4.3 hours a day, which ranks Philippines as the second country with the most hours spent on social networks (Castro, 2015). The large amounts of social network data generated by users has fuelled studies to be conducted on this area. This project can be beneficial for researchers who are working on the field of social network mining.
In addition, this project can also provide insights to individuals or organizations who are interested regarding social network user behaviour.
2. Background
Social network behaviour of the users can be complex to understand due to the amount of users who are engaging in multiple social networking activities(DAvanzo & Pilato, 2015). In order to attract the attention of a particular demographic or any group based on interest, it is highly essential to come up with a meaningful and interesting data . One approach is to examine and use the trending data, however, there can be duplicated data in the trends. This can yield a negative result since too much redundant data is not any more meaningful and interesting to the target group. This project focuses on how to
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