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Social Networking Sites The Internet and technology are growing bigger and bigger every day and before we know it technology is going to pass us by. With the invention of the Internet and Social Networks, the possibilities are endless. Social networking sites provide us the opportunity to explore the whole world, make friends, and share moments with the rest of the world through the Internet. Everyday more and more people become part of the different social networking sites available now, like Facebook or Twitter. The use of social networking sites is changing our society and the way people do and see things. Certainly, social networking sites have had great impacts in people’s lives and society. One great impact that social networking…show more content…
Even though social networking sites allows people to interact and be friends with an infinite number of people, how many of those people can be considered as real friend or friends you can count on in the real world. A good benefit social networking sites offer is that they allow people to stay in touch with friends and family who live far away. Before social networking sites were created people did not have the privilege stay in contact with friends or family who live in a different city or country. People now have the privilege of sharing pictures, videos, sending messages and even instant chatting with their families and friends they are not able to see so often. Thanks to the introduction of these sites people now have easy access to the lives of their family and friends from far away. Losing touch with old friends or distant family members is less likely to happen when they see their faces and updates every day on their social network. Also, this could be used as an advantage for parents to communicate with their kids who are off to college or travel somewhere. The truth is that social networking has become part of people’s lives. People can use them to their advantage or get carried away by the bad effects of these sites. People need to pay more attention to what is
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