Social Networks; for or Against?

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Social Networks: For or Against? Introduction Over the years there has been a dramatic increase in the use of social networking sites such as: MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and many more. “Starting out as an easy way of communication, social networks have accelerated their pace towards transforming our lives.” (Livingstone, S. 2008) Social networks are an effective and cost free way to allow people who are registered to share: interests, beliefs, real-life experiences and general social interaction with others; whether or not they already have a pre-established relationship offline. (Pempek et al. 2009) Many people will debate that social network sites are risky, whereas others would argue that when used sensibly they are no more…show more content…
Michael Williams, 28, used different profiles to target children he met on his post round, while doing school runs as taxi driver, and as the secretary of a football club.(Daily mail reporter, Mail online 25th September 2010) Social networking sites can often give out private information such as e-mail accounts any phone numbers you use when accessing your chosen social networking site on your mobile phone, it also seems now people can ‘’check in’’ in doing this they are giving their location and this location can be seen on a map. Vikki McDonald was left physically and mentally scarred after her ex Daniel Ingram tracked her down using Facebook so he could viciously attack her. Her blood ran cold as she remembered the Facebook “check-in” tag posted days earlier by friends visiting her new flat. The feature allows users to drop a pin on a map to show their friends where they are. And Vikki realised her Facebook-obsessed ex, 21-year-old Daniel Ingram, must have seen the alert. Facebook had nearly cost the 19-year-old her life. (Dulcie Pearce, The sun, 15th September) Conclusion People looking at the pros and cons could conclude that if people use social networks responsibly there will be no threat and adults of children who use these sites should act responsibly when they are using social networks and monitor them; social networking sites should take responsibility for privacy issues and protect peoples’ privacy more and maybe have a ‘’cyber
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