Social Norms And Its Effect On Society

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All social phenomena, including economic institutions and social norms, emerge from the actions and interactions of individuals. The task of social sciences is to study how these two components can give rise to different social dynamics and social events. For a long time, social scientists have disagreed on which component plays a dominant role. The study of social norms can help us understand a wide variety of seemingly puzzling human behavior. As norm existence and compliance can be best understood in terms of conditional preferences for following behavioral rules that apply to classes of social interactions; preferences are conditional on two different kinds of expectations. The empirical expectation that a sufficient number of people adhere to the behavioral rule, and the normative expectation that other people expect one to follow the behavioral rule as well, and possibly enact positive and negative sanctions for conformity and transgression. This account of social norms, and others like it, still leaves much to be investigated. While there are several available models of norm emergence, there has not been one that does not presuppose the existence of some norm in the population. While cultures around the world value their individual traditions, beliefs, and norms that make them unique, social media links people around the world regardless of differences and geographical boundaries. Due to the convergence of new media and globalization, social media has shrunk the world
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