Social Norms And Values: A Social Analysis

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Socialisation is how we as individuals learn how to adapt to social norms and values. This process helps to create a lasting society (Abercrombie et al. 2006). After conforming to these norms and values, the individual learns what is socially acceptable in relation to behaviour for example. Theories of socialisation help us to prove how this works. When investigating theories of socialisation, it is therefore, necessary to analyse socialisation and how it relates to norms and values to attain a better understanding of how they are conveyed through socialisation.

One theory of socialisation is constructionism. According to Punch et al. 2013, this illustrates that when babies, for example, are born they are born as a ‘blank canvas’, completely devoid of knowledge. It says that individuals acquire information from the world around them, including their family, peers, school and social media. They are major influences in people’s behaviour and how they make decisions. For example, school teaches us to respect authority figures by obeying teachers and following their commands. According to this view, the idea of the
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Gender identity is an important component of an individual’s sense of self. As a person matures they start to learn about their place in the wider world. According to sociology by John Scott and James Fulcher, gender socialisation refers to learned gender roles that we acquire from family, social media and school. It too teaches us of the social expectations linked with gender; the distinctions between sex and gender. Sex is based on the physical characteristics considered to distinguish between a male and a female, whereas, gender refers to the differences in how men and women in society are expected to behave and feel (sociology: James Fulcher and John Scott 2007). An example of gender socialisation would be that women should wear pink and men should wear
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