Social Norms And Violatio Folktales

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As society we have never given much thought as to how we function to how society . This statement is not only true on a macro level, such as how our government functions along with other aspects of society but also as individuals. Furthermore, we as individuals rarely stop to think about the reasons we have to react the way we do in certain situations. It can be almost guaranteed that we react in these ways because of norms. Norms can be defined as “expectations of right behavior”(Henslin 2015). Norms such as these can be shaped by society, government or culture. These norms can also bring along norm violations such as folkways, mores and sanctions. However very few times do we acknowledge how much these norms inflict in our lives. However, this…show more content…
The reason we think of a folkway is because we expect to see the idea of life course taking place or as it is defined “The stages of our life as we go from birth to death”(Henslin 2015). In addition when we think of a young adult around the age of 23 we think of someone who may be easily embarrassed or very aware of what the public might think or say. We may also think of this norm violation as a sanction or “someone’s expression of approval for upholding a norm or expressions of disapproval for violating a norm”(Henslin 2015). This can occur from those individuals who expect a grown adult to act as such. This occurred with those who disapproved the teacher and stared at her in a disapproving. Furthermore, those who just laughed might have done it being mean or because they just take life lightly. As for the one person who just asked about her attire he might have done it so he would not make the mistake of not judging her prematurely, which is something society should do as a whole. However, nothing struck me more deeply than my own norm
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