Social Norms In Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

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31 August 2016
Pride and Prejudice essay marriage During the time period of the 1800s in England, not only was the economic situation different but the social norms were differently. Jane Austen depicts this greatly in her novel pride and prejudice, not only was the social classes a big deal, but the marriage between families was a bigger deal. Throughout the novel many of the characters encounter this problem of, love in marriage or money in marriage, and many of the families and females within this time period choice money in marriage. The author Jane Austen feels that the idea of marring for money rather than love is preposterous and expresses this through the character Elizabeth
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This was the mindset for males and females alike, for a man to be seen as a success he must have a wife, and a women must have a husband to survive. “When a woman got married she could not own property, even inherited property, and her wealth was automatically passed to her husband. If a woman worked after marriage, her earnings also belonged to her husband” (Lythgoe). For during the 1800s it was abnormal for women to own land, most people if you were in the middle class you married up, for a house. Once the majority of women got married most of their possessions went to the male, this strayed many women away from marriage at this time. There are some exceptions, such as Lady Catherine de Bough, for her father died and there was as no males upon either side of the family so she got the wealth, but those cases are very rare. Within Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth rejects Mr. Collins, this infuriates her mother where she claims that the family will never speak to her, and Mrs. Bennet claimed that…show more content…
But Elizabeth rejects this for love with Mr. Darcy later in the book, she was not swayed by the money or the fact that Mr. Collins was getting the house after Mr. Bennet passes, for she did not enjoy his company so she would not marry him. She did not
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