Social Norms : The Right Side Of The Road

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Have you ever done something so odd and so weird that you got hundreds of funny looks in your direction? Usually, when you get these looks, you are breaking some sort of social norm. Social norms are rules of behavior that are considered acceptable in a society during certain situations, but breaking the social norms can be highly frowned upon in the social world we live in today. Certain social norms that are universally known include driving on the right side of the road, keeping a pinky promise and living by the golden rule. Social norms can keep a community together and running smoothly if used, but many people like to push the boundaries of normality to see what happens and how others will respond. Although, I do not embarrass easily, I thought it would be interesting to see people’s reactions if for just one day I violated a social norm. On Wednesday, September 23rd, I decided to perform an “antisocial” experiment. This consisted of me not talking to anyone for a whole twenty-four hours. The experiment included or rather prohibited me from texting, nodding, talking, and or various other forms of communication with other human beings. I thought this was the perfect way of displaying a social norm without going too an extreme, but I also knew I would acquire a wide range of different results. Although the idea itself sounds simple, in the world we live in today this experiment was definitely not going to be easy. As I am a talkative and outgoing person, I knew this
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