Social Norms in our Environment

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Social Norms in our Environment Social norms are important in our society to preserve harmony between people. These social norms are the actions required of a person in a certain situation in any way. These types of rules has a certain social sanctions outside of the law that make people change their attitude to other people in the same society. The movie Witness, after the police detective John Book is trying to protect two members from an Amish community, who witness a murder in the city of Philadelphia, he goes to the Amish community to live with them to ensure their safety. While living in this Amish community, Book realizes how different this group of people is from urban community in the city. Book has to follow all their social norms which in many cases he does not agree with, since the Amish norms are very conservative. In the same way, the Amish community has problems adapting to Book´s actions as they see Book as a foreigner. Adapting to new social norms can be a great challenge for lots of people since we follow certain attitudes since we start our childhood in our society and learning new attitudes can take a long time. The risks that people take when they break their established rules in a community are discrimination, anger and aggression from other people and solitude. When people in a community break their social norms, the result is usually discrimination from other members. In the movie Witness, when Rachel Lapp and her son Samuel from an Amish community
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