Social Order in Public Spaces: Buchanan and Monderman`s Approaches

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1 TMA04 Word count 1472. Compare and contrast Buchanan and Monderman`s approaches to the production of social order in public spaces?. This essay will look at the ordering of motor vehicles and pedestrians ,in order to compare and contrast Colin Buchanan’s Traffic in towns 1963 government commissioned report, with Hans Monderman’s thesis 1982.It will also look briefly at further accounts of social order that of philosopher Micheal Foucault’s macro dimensions of social life and sociologists Erving Goffman’s focus on micro social phenomena (E.B.Silva,p309). At a time when road building was at its highest and of great political importance(,early sixties). See table 1,page 328.E.B.Silva., showing that people were opting…show more content…
Foucault examined how do professionals come to appear authoritative objective and rational, with certain expert agents authorised to speak in the name of many .He concluded that expertise is granted on the basis of the individuals education accreditation and expertise in the field. But social positions marked by social class ,gender, ethnicity ,and age have a profound effect in the grant TMA04 And recognition of expertise .Experts tend to be white, middle aged and the occupants of high positions within their professional hierarchies.(Bourdieu,1992,Rupert2006.) P344.E.B.Silva. Both Monderman and Buchanan fit this criteria. P344.E.B.silva. Foucault dug into the past investigating historical documents to question what is in familiar in the present ,The present order of things was thus made visible by accessing it from the past ,by viewing how it has been made through processes of social development .He did this through processes of social development ,through reading texts and documents to find traces of the present .In doing so he found a way of exploring his concerns about social life from a political and philosophical point of view. Discourses that organise particular fields of knowledge and power.P.323 E.B. Silva. Goffman’s approach was to examine the rituals of trust and tact in everyday lives ,(1959, 1971, 1972),he studied in detail within a framework for him

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