Social Organization And Language The Languages

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Tohono O’odam Hutterite Philippines Hispanic Nairobi America
Social Organization & Language The languages spoken include English and Tohono O’odham (Fitzgerald, 2012).

Families live on native lands designated as reservations

Fitzgerald, C. M. (2012). Prosidic inconsistency in Tohono O 'Odham. International Journal Of American Linguistics, 78(4), 435-463. The Hutterite people speak three languages: Hutterisch, a dialect of German that is used within the colony; High German is spoken in church and German school; and English, learned in the colony school (Essential Understandings, n.d.; Jones, 2013).
Large families are common, and after age 3 children go to community care. The good of the colony takes precedence over individual desires. The community believes in shared labor with shared rewards. The society has a hierarchal and patriarchal tradition (Essential Understandings, n.d.; Ingoldsby & Smith, 2005). Over 100 different languages spoken. “There are over one hundred distinct languages in the Philippines “The eight largest language groups – Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilokano, Hiligaynon, Bikol, Samar-Leyte, Kapampangan and Pangasinan, account for 85% of the population.” (Bautista, L. & Bolton, K., 2008). Strong family bonds extending out to any with the same last name and close vicinity are considered family. “The more distant one is from the community, the greater the likelihood that physical separateness is emphasized” (Bonifacio, M., 1975) Hierarchy of expected…
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