Social Organization, Society And Social Institutions : From The Perfect Society Exercise

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Chapter 6, Social Organization, Society and Social Institutions: From the Perfect Society exercise: (25 points) 1. -Whenever someone mentions about the US, the first thing that come to that person’s mind is fast food industry. Institutions in the US require efficiency, calculability, quantification, predictability, and control. By expanding markets, they become multinational or even global corporations. -four characteristics: institutions tend to be resistant to change, to be independent, to change together, and to be the site of major social problems. -All of these characteristics are found in US institutions. 2. a. Being a leader is hard. I had to consider all manifest and latent functions and dysfunctions before making decisions. In addition, everybody has different ideas. I had to listen to them and choose which one was the best. b. I felt respected and wonderful. Sometimes, I felt stress as I had to be careful with my words. c. I do not think I may be a good leader. I did not have as many ideas as my friends. d. I needed to find the problems and solutions being used in other countries. I watched videos about improving our society. After that, I made decisions and asked friend’s opinion whether my ideas were good or not. 3. (4 points) a. It is difficult because everybody was raised in a different environment. Even if some of us were raised in the same culture, we had different ways of judging and solving problems. b. Janeth, Torn c.
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