Social Organized Crime Perspective

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Social Organized Crime Perspective May 21, 2012 CJA 384 Social Organized Crime Perspective Organized crime is found in the United States of America today and the law enforcement agencies are trying to find a way to curb its existence. Even though there are illegal businesses associated with organized crime, they are mixed in with legal businesses to portray a legal front. It also can be called a social institution because it is led by a boss and follows a chain of command much like a pyramid. Empirical and speculative theories have been developed through the years in order for the law enforcement agencies to better understand organized crime and how to deal with it. This paper will examine a social institution as it applies to…show more content…
Lyman and Potter (2007) stated, "The legitimate market's failure to serve sizable consumer populations is responsible for the existence of most vice operations. As a consequence, organized crime capitalizes on market voids and profits from services to these consumers.” Organized crime preys on the moral issues and laws preventing citizens from enjoying that which they desire to have. Therefore, there is a marketable opportunity for businesses, such as prostitution, drugs, and gambling. These illegal businesses may be taking place next door, or in back of, a legitimate business so they appear to be legitimate also. Many times law enforcement officers may know they are there but look the other way. The boss has developed a relationship with someone in government that will order protection and cover for these illegal businesses. Empirical and Speculative Theories The empirical and speculative theories most applicable when applied to organized crime and criminal behavior are the queer ladder of mobility, the ethnic succession theory, the alien conspiracy theory, and the social control theory. The queer ladder of mobility believes that organized crime is just a means to an end. The greed and desire for power leads people to a life of crime to obtain the wealth and status within the community. The ethnic succession theory believes that organized crime developed around ethnic groups who immigrated to America to find the American dream. They would live together
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