Social Outcasts and Juvenile Deliquency Essay

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Man was created to be a social being. Individuals always strive to belong to a group for their survival. Man has been known to have a strong liking of belonging to a group and greatly fears to be rejected or isolated (Wever, 2006). Society in some instances is known to reject or even isolate some individuals based on various reasons. Such individuals become unpopular, disliked, and sometimes are hated. As a result the social outcasts as they are simply referred to may develop a low self esteem and have a low social status. Social outcast are also hated, discriminated and persecuted by the society and as a result they may result into being depressed and lonely.
Juvenile Delinquency refers some illegal and antisocial behaviors by persons
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They include: The socially competent; the socially inhibited; the lonely; and the socially isolated. The socially competent ones are known to have a wide social network and they experience no isolation. The socially inhibited have a limited social network and experience no loneliness. On the other hand, the lonely social group has a wide social network but experiences loneliness. Finally the socially isolated have a small social network and they experience loneliness. The socially isolated becomes the outcasts and they are less confident socially compared to the others. Their self confidence is greatly hampered. This group requires high level of companionship from the family, friends, and even associates (May, 2009).
Some individuals have been condemned into becoming social outcast by the society not because of their own making. The society sometimes condemns people based on some societal parameters such as wealth, level of education, race, political affiliation, and religion among other social factors. Others have been condemned into social outcasts out of their anti-social behaviors and acts such as witchcraft and sorcery, stealing and failure to cooperate in social activities.
On the other hand some adolescents and children are known to engage themselves in some antisocial or illegal behaviors. Such behaviors may result into some youth crimes. Some acts of juvenile delinquency are criminal in nature and are chargeable in a court of law had
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