Social Pedagogy Essay

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Social pedagogy

As an idea social pedagogy first started being used around the middle of the nineteenth century in Germany as a way of describing alternatives to the dominant models of schooling. However, by the second half of the twentieth century social pedagogy became increasingly associated with social work and notions of social education in a number of European countries.

Social pedagogy is based on humanistic values stressing human dignity, mutual respect, trust, unconditional appreciation, and equality, to mention but a few. It is underpinned by a fundamental concept of children, young people and adults as equal human beings with rich and extraordinary potential and considers them competent, resourceful and active agents.
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You also have to bear in mind that the young people might refuse to allow you to protect them since they have been hurt in personal relations so many times. The professional pedagogue takes this understanding from and builds on various theories and this enables reflection to take place. A professional reflection on your own and others practice enables you to evaluate on the progress you have seen with a young person.
If we are to build trust and attachments then surely we need to be able to draw on past experiences. For example our school life to allow the young person to see that many people have had the same problems and that they do not stand alone.

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A brief history of Social Pedagogy

Although pedagogy varies across European countries, there are similar roots that have developed into differing strands of contemporary thinking in pedagogy. Hämäläinen explains that “historically, social pedagogy is based on the belief that you can decisively influence social circumstances through education” – and importantly, education is seen as a life-long learning process that does not only refer to children but includes educating adults, for instance in order to change their idea of children.
While philosophers of Classical antiquity like Plato and Aristotle discussed how education could contribute to social development, social pedagogy in theory and practice only emerged through the influence of
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