Social Penetration Theory Believes Relationships Can Progress

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Social penetration theory believes relationships can progress from platonic to intimate through increasing self-disclosure (West & Turner, 2010, pp. 168-169). During the initial stages of a relationship, self-disclosure needs to be reciprocated, in order for trust to form (Wright, 2017). Any relationship can evolve by using social penetration theory; it is not specific to any one type of relationship. However, talking about sensitive topics is not easy, and can lead to a person feeling vulnerable. Consequently, it is imperative, during the initial stages of a relationship, that self- disclosure is reciprocated, in order to form trust (West & Turner, 2010, pp. 168-169 & Wright, 2017). Social penetration theory predicts nonintimate…show more content…
I did this because; the theories are exemplified in both interactions. For my familiar relationship, I chose my roommate, who has also been my friend for four years. After I logged and reflected on our conversations, I noticed I was reviewing the conversations as either a negative or a positive, thus realizing the social exchange theory applied best to my familiar subject. However, social penetration is exemplified when we talked about sensitive topics. Social penetration is supported more by my unfamiliar subject, or my coworker, but social exchange is also exemplified when we shared similar characteristics.
Social exchange theory rates interactions as either a positive or negative. Many of my interactions between my roommate was more negative than positive. For example on, 3/21/17, she asked for suggestions on her homework assignment because she wanted to know how to improve it. Also, on, 3/22/17, we were debating on who should drive, despite the fact it was her idea to go out, because she did not want to, I had to. These conversations seem trivial on the surface, but there small examples of what I give to the friendship, with nothing in return, making them a cost to the friendship. Another example of a cost was on, 3/25/17, we had a discussion about profanity, because she uses profanity excessively and I rarely do. She said she wanted to stop using as much profanity, but yet she has never made the effort to do so. Thus, each time she uses profanity, it becomes a

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