Social Penetration Theory By Irwin Altman And Dalmas

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Irwin Altman and Dalmas introduces Social Penetration theory in chapter 8 and they explain the theory as “the idea that relationships become more intimate over time when partners disclose more and more information about themselves” (Littlejhon, 2002). This paper will showcase social media and how it relates to how individuals self-disclose in social penetration theory. A short history of social media and the direction it’s headed will also be included. Facebook, a platform has become a phenomenon in the lives of billions of people around the world. An individual using Facebook is constantly using social penetration theory by displaying self-disclosure. They can setup and adjust their privacy settings to determine their level of self-disclosure. Social media has provided individuals with forums of self-disclosure like we have never seen before in history. Intimate details of one’s life, from what they ate for dinner, to their feelings towards their spouses and children, to outbursts of frustration, their favorite movies, what’s causing them stress – all with a few key strokes, this information can be shared with “friends, fans and followers” in an instant. The “Internet generation” consists of people who are comfortable putting their lives online, conversing on the Internet, emailing, updating statuses, writing on each other’s Facebook walls, and having many friends, whether they know them from the off-line world or only from the online world. Using social media websites
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