Social Penetration Theory Is Defined As The Process Of Bonding

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According to Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor, Social Penetration Theory is defined as the process of bonding that moves a relationship from superficial to more intimate. The theory can be perceived as a game plan for people, especially in a relationship. This can give you guidance on how to interact with individuals in order to establish a stable, and developing relationship through interpersonal communication. For example, when you encounter someone whom you’ve never met before, you may ask some questions to learn a little bit about this person. We tend to exchange information back and forth by asking people questions. Essentially, this is what social penetration theory does. It looks at how we exchange and share information with people that we have never met before and how we self- disclose. Self- disclosure can be separated into the theories three main concepts: depth, breadth, and reciprocity. These important concepts of Social Penetration Theory were clearly shown when I witnessed an unusual conversation between my roommate, Maddy and a young man named Nick. A typical conversation, turned into an extremely uncomfortable situation for all of us. Something we definitely did not expect. On Thursday after class, my roommates Mckenna, Maddy and I were sitting at the cafeteria tables. All of us were deep into our laptops, and reading assignments, when suddenly a young man approached my friend Maddy. He states: “Hey, want to go out?” Maddy looked at us as if she had just seen
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