Social Penetration Theory : Research, Media And A Personal Example

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The Social Penetration Theory: Summarized and Identified Using Research, Media and A Personal Example Intro If one was asked to describe the social penetration theory, the best example would be an onion. Just as an onion requires its layers to be exposed to reach the core, social penetration requires a similar type of unraveling. The social penetration theory deals with the progressive disclosure of one’s true self to others and the world. Individuals have many layers that ultimately combine to form a shield that protects the true self at the core (Tang and Wang, 2012). In recent years social penetration has been examined through many virtual interactions due to the digital age. In a study conducted by Jih-Hsin Tang and Cheng-Chung Tang…show more content…
It was also shown that in the depth scale that bloggers disclose more to their best friends (average of 60%) versus parents (average 40%) and online users (20%) (Tang and Wang, 2012). Overall it was found that bloggers disclose more to their best friends versus parents and online users. The study concluded that bloggers are more open in their private lives than they are on the web. Media Furthermore, social penetration is depicted in our everyday lives through the interactions we have with others and how others interact with people. We indirectly learn about social penetration through different forms of media such as books, videos, news, and most importantly films. Films provide a reflection how to effectively and ineffectively disclose information. An example of a film that depicts the social penetration theory would be 21 Jump Street directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. In the film Jonah Hill plays an undercover cop named Schmidt who develops feelings for a character named Molly. The scene that clearly shows good social penetration is when Schmidt develops enough courage to call Molly and have a conversation with her. In the scene Schmidt is in his room and uses his cell phone to call Molly. She picks up and immediately asks who is on the other line, before Schmidt can respond his mother gets on the line and tries to make a phone call. Filled with embarrassment Schmidt screams for her to get off the
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