Social Performance, Part 1 Essay

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Assignment 1: Social Performance, Part 1 Strayer University Instructor Dr. Kenneth Elliott Business and Society – BUS 475 January 30, 2013 Describe your company and analyze the various primary and secondary stakeholder groups, their roles, and relationships. My company is medium-sized debt collection company named Evergreen Portfolio Management (EPM). The organization has several areas of specialty that focus on buying debt portfolios in bulk from first party creditors as well as acts as a servicer for larger companies and municipalities who may be unable to devote staff to collection efforts of default clients. The stigma of debt collection is not lost on the me as the CEO so I have decided to rebrand the company to align…show more content…
The relationship between the company and the government is through regulatory requirements, labor standards and human rights. Their role is to provide guidance of legal expectations for the company to operate within. They control policies, laws, and/or funding resources. If we act in a sociably responsible manner and act in accordance with laws placed on financial institutions, they will not have to take legal action against the company which results in court fees, state and federal fines. The relationship between the company and the debtors manifest through cost and fees passed down to them. Their role is fundamental because the revenue for the company is based on their ability and willingness to pay for the debt amassed by them over a period of time. How well the company does directly impacts the options we are able to afford the debtors for repayment on their account. Bad investment or reputation impact us financially through loss of creditor contractors and investors which means we would no longer be able to offer them low to zero interest on repayment of their debt because we need to collect as much money possible. The relationship between local retail merchants and money lending institutions is twofold, our initiative affords debtors to become more financial aware and responsible so they have the
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