Social Perspectives On Education And The Sociology Of Education

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EDST 1104 – Social Perspectives in Education
Assessment 2 - Essay

Why is it important and/or helpful for initial teacher educators such as yourself, to learn about, and learn to use, ideas from the sociology of education?

Social influences on educational outcomes and the social nature of education structures of the past and present exemplify how social institutions can affect education perceived by individuals. This can also be defined as the sociology of education; a study of education systems of how social institutions and individual experiences affect education and its outcome, as interpreted by Scott and Marshall (2009). This essay will address how the background of sociology of education (culture of power that exist) shapes the current social perspectives in education, how sociology of education contributes and its usefulness for initial educators.

Sociology, education and history

Firstly, it is fundamental for scholars to understand the relationship between the roots of educational sociology and the sociology of education. Education is being integrated into sociology, the latter considered by many educators as a supporting beam of pedagogy (in addition to philosophy, anthropology, psychology, biology, ethics and aesthetics). Through this, the knowledge of sociological method, problems and generalizations may be adequately interpreted to every educator. Surely, contemporary education cannot disregard the contributions of sociology. In
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