Social, Physical, Social And Negative Effects Of Bullying

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Were you or someone you know bullied as a child? If so, you probably didn’t say anything. Maybe you didn’t know who to tell or maybe you felt as if no one would do anything to help you. While being bullied already negatively affects you, staying quiet could make things even worse. Not too many people know that bullying can have a lasting long term effect. While some victims suffer for a short time, others suffer for the rest of their lives, and others take their life so that they won’t have to suffer anymore. You need to be aware of the adverse effects that bullying can cause, such as physical, social and mental problems.

Bullying can lead to physical problems such as wanting to harm oneself or stress headaches. Believe it or not, being the victim of a bully is very stressful and “suffering from stress increases your risk of tension headaches.” But it’s not just tension headaches that will cause you to worry. The trauma that your body is under can cause major problems if it persists. Not only do you have to deal with muscle tension throughout your body but “the physical impact it can have can also be devastating and can even contribute to the development of heart problems because of the high level of stress the body is constantly under.” And depending on what is going on with the victim at home or them feeling like they don't have any support, s/he may consider taking their life. The statistics on bullying and suicide are alarming:
• Bully victims are between 2 to 9 times
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