Social Policies And New Government Funding Necessary

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This paper will focus on social policies and new government funding necessary that could benefit with the prevalence of suicidal ideations and behaviors in adolescents. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to suicidal behavior in adolescents. The main one that I will discuss in this paper is the environmental factors such as bullying or cyberbullying. Moreover, mental health disorder such as depressions and anxiety. bullying can be divided into two categories: traditional bullying and cyberbullying. Traditional bullying refers to verbal, social and physical. Cyberbullying occurs when an individual uses electronic to harass, embarrass and threaten someone else. According to studies, both the…show more content…
school use these policies as a way to punish students usually expulsion and suspensions when students don’t follow the rules. Yes, the policy works for some students, but it’s not an effective method for those who don’t care about school. When a student is expelled or suspended from school, they get to stay home and do nothing. They going to do the same thing again to get another day or week off school. While the policy has pros and cons, I think the school system should reevaluate this policy. Based on many psychological research, suspension and expulsion have are more likely to increase negative behaviors in students and lead students to drop out of school after being suspended so many time (Christopher Boccanfuso, Ph.D., and Megan Kuhfeld, B.S., 2011). According to a map found on the, Pennsylvania is one of the 11 states that adopted the State anti-bullying law. Under this law, the school district should provide training for all staff members on how to “prevent, identify and respond to bullying”. In addition to that the, on June 26, 2014 , “Act 71 was signed into law in Pennsylvania” this Act requires every school district in Pennsylvania to “adopt a youth suicide awareness and prevention policies’ and provide every educators with a 4 hours training on suicide prevention
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