Social Policy Related to Individuals in a Rural Setting

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Social Policy Related to Individuals in A Rural Setting: Organization, Promotion, Lobbying and Implementation
The objective of this work in writing is to propose a social policy related to individuals in a rural setting and to address the organization, promotion, lobbying effort and implementation of the social policy.
Individuals in rural areas face adversity and challenges that are different than faced in other settings. Specifically, these challenges are related to employment, transportation, access to health care, and access to housing that is energy efficient. The work of Friedman (2003) reports that while a great part of the debate on welfare reform is focused on the urban poor "nearly 20 percent of welfare recipients reside outside of central cities and metropolitan areas. They along with other rural working families, rely on various social services to help them move toward self-sufficiency." (p.1) It is important to note the statement of Friedman relating that the "costs per capita associated with service delivery tends to be higher in rural areas because of their lower population density." (Friedman, 2003, p.1) In addition, Friedman relates that the definition of 'rural' "has an impact on the study of social service provision in these communities." (2003, p.1)
Rural is defined by the census bureau as being:
""¦incorporated and unincorporated areas with fewer than 2,500 residents and open space." (Friedman, 2003, p.1)
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