Social Policy, Social Welfare, and the Welfare State

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Social policy, social welfare, and the welfare state
John Baldock

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Introduction Learning outcomes Social policy Defining social policy in terms of types of expenditure Analysing social policy Social policy as intentions and objectives Redistribution The management of risk Social inclusion Social policy as administrative and financial arrangements Social policy as social administration Social policy as public finance Social policy as outcomes Social welfare The welfare state Defining the welfare state Comparing types of welfare state The development of the welfare state A consequence of industrialization or of political competition? Conclusion: Has the ‘golden age’ of the welfare state passed?
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● ageing and social policy ● children and social policy ● crime and criminal justice policy ● community care ● comparative social policy ● disability and social policy ● economics, economic issues, and social policy ● education and social policy ● environmental issues and social policy ● equal opportunity policies and their impacts ● family and social policy ● gender and social policy ● globalization/transnationalization/internationalization and social policy ● health and healthcare services ● history and development of social policy in the UK ● income maintenance and social security policy ● local governance, local welfare institutions, and their policies ● leisure and social policy ● Mixed economies of welfare (voluntary, private, and informal sectors) ● organization, administration, and management in welfare institutions ● philosophy of welfare ● poverty, social exclusion, and social policy ● race, ethnicity, and social policy ● science, technology, and social policy ● service user perspectives and user involvement in the social policy process ● sexuality and social policy ● social care ● social policy and the mass media ● social policy and ‘virtual society’ ● social research methods ● supranational social policy ● transport and transport policy ● welfare rights and social policy ● work, employment, and
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