Social Policy: Supporting Children in Care and Adult Care Leavers

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Social Policy Social Policy Supporting Children in Care and Adult Care Leavers Social Policy The main aim of this new social policy in the United Kingdom is to ensure that children who leave care have similar access to educational opportunities like other children within the entire society. Children who leave care lack the needed knowledge and capacity to survive in the society since they have limited access to essential resources in the contemporary world. "The education of children in and leaving care has acquired a policy prominence within the UK after many years of neglect" (Cameron 2007, p.39). Children leaving care have problems securing educational opportunities to further their growth and development because of several reasons. The first reason for their state is the lack of stable families to carter for their essential needs and necessities (Simon 2008, p.91). Most of these young society members usually fall outside the formal education system thus fail to acquire necessary information on how to survive within the economy. Because of their societal state, they are incapable of acquiring employment opportunities to facilitate satisfaction of their needs. This vulnerable situation of the young society members makes it crucial for the application of this policy. Implementation of the policy would allow these young individuals to avoid exploitation, abuse, and violent practices from other societal members. "Results show that study care leavers were more likely to

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