Social, Political, And Economic Causes Of The American Revolution

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Causes of the American Revolution The American Revolution was caused by a variety of things such social,political,and economical factors, but it was primarily initiated by unfair taxes and laws placed by the British on the unrepresented colonists. Colonist had no representatives in the British Parliament which meant they had no say or opinion in any of Britain's affairs. Colonist felt that they were being treated unfair and that they could not be taxe without being represented, the British felt that they were in the right to place taxes on colonists due to how much money the colonies owe after the French and Indian War. After the British started to pass taxes and laws in the colonies things escalate quickly, people started to see the British as an enemy “King George is a tyrant. He breaks the laws.He is an enemy of his own people”-Patrick Henry, many people in the colonies felt the same way as Patrick Henry did and eventually the colonist got fed up of taxes and the laws and desired dependence from England. British Action/Laws One of the taxes placed on the colonist by the British Parliament is the Stamp Act, passed in March 22, 1765 the Stamp Act placed a tax on paper documents on all the colonies such as game cards, letters,etc. The reason why British placed this tax was because they needed money, England was in big debt after the 7 year war, and as a result this lead to them placing many taxes on the colonies, the Stamp Act is probably one the most important taxes if
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