Social, Political, Geographical, Cultural, And Historical Changes Essay

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This essay will discuss my work partner Ben’s migration to New Zealand in 2012. The essay will detail his experiences regarding the social, political, geographical, cultural, and historical changes due to her migration. This essay will also discuss a variety of intercultural theories most importantly, culture shock…. Through the applications of concepts and intercultural theories, this essay will be able to provide a cross examination of Ben’s life in Whales compared to his new one in New Zealand. Furthermore, it will be able to emphasise his sense of cultural belonging and how it did change between his old home and his new one. Ben is currently a third year student at Auckland University studying a degree in commerce/finance. In 2012, his family migrated to New Zealand so his mother could pursue better work opportunities. Ben grew up in an area of Wales called Chester. His family lived in a quintensental Victorian white house with brown frames attached to neighbouring houses. His house, was called Drovers Tumble. It was on a large section of land. The property included a large backyard with a lake and swans, a shetland pony, and even a forest which was shared with neighbours. His family sat on the higher end of society. Chester, is on the border on Wales/England. It boasts a population of 328,100 people and is a small town heavily decorated with medieval buildings. It is common to have such a decadent house in near to the city centre. Ben also attended a private Anglican
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