Social Practices And Education Will Be Contemplated Essay

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Thousands of years after survival of the fittest human races depended upon instruments of warfare, the pen, a tool not designed for combat, was declared "mightier than the sword" by Benjamin Franklin (World of Quotes, 2003). Ironically it was one of the first human weapons, the sharpened stone, that was a precursor to pen and paper when it was used to etch drawings upon cave-wall dwellings (Bellis, 2004). Long use of these concrete implements forged abstractions of them. Pen and paper have been interiorized into social practices and language (ex. "back to the drawing board"), and have been instrumental to the externalization of our innermost thoughts and emotions. Pen and paper will be examined together as each is the other 's raison d 'etre. The manifold impacts pen and paper had upon industry, social practices and education will be contemplated.

Cave wall drawings were early means of non-verbal self-expression, and would empower the development of symbol systems and alphabets that spurred the onset of literacy (Ong, 1982). Pen and paper allowed humans to delve deeper into realms of communication and self-expression, or perhaps early mimicry of pen and paper indicated an innate predisposition for humans to express themselves through this medium. Whatever the case may be, the earliest means which foreshadowed pen and paper involved a stylus of bone, metal or ivory used to place marks on wax-coated tablets called tabula cevata. These inexpensive tablets were in widespread
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