Social Pressure Demands On The Sexes

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This research paper is dedicated to the exploration of what social pressure demands on the sexes and how that affects an individuals decisions and life compass for the entirety of their life. Gender can be defined as the masculine and feminine qualities of an individual. One can identify on this spectrum anywhere from overtly domineering to compassionately submissive. Sex has a great effect on where a person identifies themselves on this spectrum. Domineering, leadership roles are often given to men, and nurturing, caring roles are often given to women. These societal “norms” and gender typing have great impact on the individual thought of each person. Whether one realizes it or not, most of their life decisions are based on which gender…show more content…
A child in a low income family with equal parent involvement is more likely to be successful than a child in a very wealthy family with only one parent who is fully involved (Bernard). There are many benefits of changing the societal expectations of the sexes within famalies. Greater equality in responsibility between parents can be associated with less stress within the home, a higher functioning marital relationship, and ultimately a healthier family environment. Many child behavioral problems can be linked to problems within their parents marriage and inflexible division of responsibilities between the parents.(Bernard) Obviously, children need involvement from both a male and female figure. The rigid division of responsibility between mothers and fathers, has created a system where women are almost one hundred percent responsible for their children 's day to day needs, and fathers are responsible for bringing home a pay check. This traditional view on family has rendered America in a tough position. Women are now disrespected, and uninvited in the work place, and men are seen as week if they are stay at home fathers. The argument on gender equality in family is absolutely reliant on the notion that gender equality in the work place has been reached. Without equal opportunity, the division of labors in the home, based on gender, will not change. Woman, now more than ever, are choosing, or are forced to choose,
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