Social Pressure On Women 's Looks And Behavior

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Social Pressure On Women’s Looks And Behavior In Stereotypical Ways
Stereotypes are not officious notions. They maintain discrimination and prejudice, while placing limits on human lives. Moreover, they build boundaries between people and stop them from doing what is desired. It is an absolutely true fact that gender stereotypes are most pervasive and least acknowledged. From the moment of birth, society tries to set up rigid lines, namely by teaching boys and girls what colors, games and toys they can play with. Consequently, men and women obtain strict distinctions concerning the notion of gender. “Notions of femininity and masculinity are reshaping themselves in societies across the globe”(Ramdas). On one hand, both sexes understand
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Consequently, a lot of women have suffered greatly from the social pressure. If a girl does not dress or style her hair like the rest, she is a social outcast. A great example can be observed in the poem written by Marge Piercy “Barbie Doll”. The author depicts the process of total change of the protagonist, under the influence of the community. In her early childhood, nothing, but excitement concerned the girl. Nevertheless, time flew by, and she had grown up and had changed her priorities. “Doesn’t she look pretty? Everyone said” (Piercy). One must admit that women usually go beyond their limits, in order to appeal to general stereotypes. A bright example is the main protagonist that spoils her body for the sake of social demand. And this is a huge problem in the modern world. The loss of identity, as well as individuality, leads to the collapse of humanity. These issues can be analyzed from two perspectives, namely mental and physical.
Generally speaking, individualism is the key component of human existence. It shapes and creates the person. The psychologist McCrae states, that individualism influences a person (Schimmack, Ulrich, Shigehiro Oishi, and Ed Diener ). It means that human behavior solely depends on individuality. Consequently, what happens when a person losses it? The answer lies in the end of Marge Piercy’s poem “anonymous submission”. That is to say, that a person sheds the main component of his existence and becomes a
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