Social Problem Analysis of the Glass Castle-------the Impact of the Alcoholism

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Running head: SOCIAL PROBLEM ANALYSIS OF THE GLASS CASTLE 1 Social problem analysis of The Glass Castle-------The impact of the alcoholism Ying Wan SWRK 725 Saint Louis University Professor Shannon Cooper-Sadlo SOCIAL PROBLEM ANALYSIS OF THE GLASS CASTLE 2 Abstract The paper talks about the social problems presented in the book The Glass Castle. And choose one problem which is alcoholism as the major one to explored in depth. It included the population affected by alcoholism, the history of alcoholism, and the steps to solve the alcoholism problem. It also contained the influence of alcoholism to individual, family, and community. The agency NCADD in St. Louis area was chosen to be the…show more content…
Rex Walls, the father of the family had the abuse of alcohol is the major resource of the family’s suffering. It seems that alcoholism is an individual behavior, however, many family and social issues caused by it make it rather to be a social problem. Such as domestic violence, suicide, murder, drinking driving, sex assault, unemployment, child neglect, poverty and many other mental health problems are all the result of alcoholism. In the book, Rex Walls is a typical victim of alcoholism. He cannot take a SOCIAL PROBLEM ANALYSIS OF THE GLASS CASTLE 5 long term stable job; after he got drunk, he damaged household facilities, hurt his wife and children, and sometimes got some street fight and hurt himself. He is a man full of knowledge and life skills, he could have had a good career and a perfect satisfied family, but alcoholism ruined his life and he died indirectly from it. Other than the three major issues mentioned above, there are various other problems existed in the Walls’ family and their living environment. Unemployment is one of the problems. Due to the alcoholism, the father cannot get a stable job; he can only take some odd jobs and earn some money by gambling. The mother in the family is the one who is not willing to take the job. Her dream is to be an artist, there is nothing wrong with pursuing her artist dream, but under the no income situation, the mother doesn’t want to

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