Social Problem Of Social Welfare Programs

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In analyzing social problems in today’s communities our begin to implement Social Welfare Programs that addresses these social problems. Social Problems are based on three factors which are: the force and societal position of the individuals who are characterizing the issue and encouraging the consumption of assets toward an answer, people in the community being affected by the social problem, and the measure of devastation to society based on the social problem that has not been dealt with (Chambers, 2012)
Reviewing President Bush and his administration,one can say that he focused deeply on the economy and the foreign policy rather than what citizens were dealing with including discriminations in the communities that impacts their quality of their life. However President Obama on the other hand felt that in order for the economy to thrive, we have to address how people are managing in their daily lives. People in their own communities are not being treated equally which affects one’s quality of life. During Obama’s presidency, he taken his time to review and implement social policies that have address issues such as civil rights for LGBT and Veterans.
Obama and Civil Rights for LGBT communities: President Obama has taken initiative addressing LGBT communities and the discrimination attributed to their sexual orientation and gender identity. During Obama’s presidency, he addressed and began implementing social policies for LGBT communities which goals were to
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