Social Problems And The Foundation Of A Society Essay

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In Chapter one the authors discussed social problems and the foundation of a society. A social issue does not have a universal definition, rather, a social problem is something that has an impact on a person, group or society as a whole and is in need of remedy. Social problems vary in societies and geographical locations along with time periods. I also learned how the structure of a society is the way it is organized- institutions, social groups, statuses and roles. In addition, I learned about the three sociological theories- structural functionalism, conflict theory and symbolic interactionism. I don’t think the authors really had bias in this chapter just because it was explaining the basics and we didn’t really get into social problems yet.
One aspect of this chapter that I thought was particularly interesting was our sociological imagination. Our sociological imagination refers to the capability to see connections between our personal lives and the social world we live in. We distinguish between our private troubles and public issues to see the connections of our lives, or the actions of individuals. I agree with C. Wright Mills in that you cannot apprehend an individual or the history of a society until you understand both. We can look to the culture and social structure to find the problem and fix it. I think using this method is valuable in the long run and can help people make more clear hypothesis about how to fix a problem because you will thoroughly understand…
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