Social Problems Created by Gambling

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Social Problems Created by Gambling Submitted to Ms. Joyce Lim Senior Executive MEMO TO: Ms Joyce Lim FROM: Andy Tan, Executive, Ministry for Home Affairs DATE: 28 September, 2012 SUBJECT: How to minimize social problems arising from gambling As you requested on August 2012, our report outlines the findings into how to minimize social problems arising from gambling. Since casino started operations, casino-related crimes have been occurring on average once a month. The more worrying trends are the increasing number of addicts and regression of their age. It has been reported that more youths 18 – 21 are seeking help for their addictions. (, February 8, 2012) Firstly…show more content…
This is a moderate measure in controlling FV’s gambling addiction. This might cause respondents to instead double their bet in a visit causing more damage; however the NCPG can still review individuals and place them under casino exclusion instead. 2. Amendments to Casino Exclusion We suggest allowing issuance of Family Exclusion Order even if respondent is absent. A mandatory assessment and counseling should be conducted before allowing their orders to be revoked. By simplifying and accelerating the process of applying an order so we can prevent respondent from incurring bigger debts. We suggest allowing applicants to just have the same address as the respondent instead of obtaining their Identification Number. We propose that fingerprints scanning be used on all locals visiting the casinos to prevent impersonators trying to circumvent the exclusion order. 3. Responsible Gambling and Personal Responsibility Casino’s employees should be trained to spot at-risk gamblers and advise them to seek help. We recommend screening mandatory videos to appeal to patrons their ‘real’ responsibility and to gamble within their limit before entering the casino. 4. Increasing Entry Levy By increasing the entry levy to $200, we will discourage youth as they have less spending power from visiting the casino. This will cause uproar with current patrons; however this will cause youths and current patrons to
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